The Thursday Politics Thread Goes To Too Many Nationals Games

Morning Politocadoes!

Lotta stuff happening right now. Most of it’s infuriating, but that’s what it’s like living in the Darkest Timeline. We’re gonna take our punches, piss and moan about it, but keep on tickin’.

Let’s see, Brett Kavanaugh, new SCOTUS nominee and name for a contributor on Sportscenter was revealed to be massively in credit card debt due to what he says was going to too many Nationals games with friends. Assuming this is true, it’s interesting that all of that debt was very recently wiped away. Add to the recent reporting that Kennedy would only retire if there were assurances that Kavanaugh was nominated in his place, makes the whole thing stink to high heaven. Whom do you suppose bought the debt? Was it the Russians, the Chinese, the Emirati? Speculations abound!

In fact, Rod Rosenstein’s on the case.

Meanwhile, Brian Benczkowski, a lawyer whom worked closely with the Putin-linked Alfa Bank has been confirmed by the Senate as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division. He has tried no cases as a prosecutor and did not say whether he would recuse himself from any Russia-related business. This is extremely worrying. Keep an eye on this.

Over in Europe, Trump tore into NATO, reiterating that the US is being taken advantage of and other member countries should be paying more. He then accused Germany (Germany!) of being too dependent on Russia and Russian fuel.

At the end, he repeated that he is, in fact, a stable genius.

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