Best Video Game Character Tournament – Round Two

128 entered, (Nintendo) 64 remain.

Results from Round One:

  • The character who received the most votes overall was Luigi — unsurprisingly, given he also received the most votes in the nomination thread.
  • The character who received the most votes among those who did not advance was Wrex from Mass Effect, who lost 45-47 against Birdo.
  • The characters who received the least votes overall were Paperboy, Rival from Pokemon, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Paperboy suffered from being a not-so-memorable character up against one of the most recognizable characters in gaming — Donkey Kong. The Rival probably suffered from the fact that a lot of people consider him irritating. Sora is a genuine surprise, but maybe that’s because I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. At least he lost to a lovable character in Tails.
  • The character who received the least votes among those who did advance to this round was Leisure Suit Larry, who won 26-24 against Loader Bot from Tales from the Borderlands. It seems likely that this match had lower vote counts than most others due to many participants having played none of the relevant games.
  • The biggest upset was HK-47 in seed 13 winning against Pitfall Harry in seed 4.
  • The biggest blowout was Luigi beating Ashe from Final Fantasy XII by 90 votes. Ashe had the bad luck to be pitted against one of the most popular characters in the tournament in round one — those who have played FFXII certainly seem to like her.
  • The closest match was the 26-24 match between Leisure Suit Larry and Loader Bot, mentioned above.

To vote in this bracket: Please add an upvote to the character in each matchup you’d like to see advance. Please don’t add discussion to the matchup threads. Instead, create a new post for discussion. This makes it easier for people to see and vote on the matchups.