Werewolves 65: McCarthyism – Day 4

Everyone sleeps soundly with the threat of communists gone. Everyone except for one person…

The Friendly Average American Man sneaks through the prison, determined to find and catch the real criminal. Maybe then he can go home and have some apple pie and watch baseball like a real American. He watches as someone leaves their cell, attempting to do… something. He isn’t entirely sure what. He lifts up the person, duct tapes them to the wall with duct tape that does in fact exist in the 1950’s, and leaves them there to struggle.

He laughs at them before turning to walk back to his cell and getting stabbed in the back.

Lord Stoneheart (Friendly Average American Man) has died. He was the ESCORT.

(I’m not listing all of the roles here again so you don’t have to scroll past it. Instead, here’s a link to the Day 1 thread where all the roles are: Day 1)


  1. Captain Video  Sheriff
  2. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  3. MacCrocodile Communist Framer
  4. Sic Humor Sheriff
  5. hohodor
  6. Admirax
  7. D. Goat  Communist Spy
  8. Mr. Rubber Burner
  9. subsaharan Jester
  10. notevenanerd
  11. The Hayes Code Jailer
  12. Lord Stoneheart Escort
  13. E-Dog
  14. Lindsay Communist Leader
  15. BannerThief

Twilight is 3 PM EST on Monday, July 9. unless you guys autolynch. now wouldn’t that be wacky.