Werewolves 65: McCarthyism – Day 1

The lot of you have been shipped off to a prison specifically for suspected communists. Your cells have been decorated with little banners that have American flags on them. On the walls, there are posters with inspirational yet patriotic blurbs like “Be yourself (As long as you aren’t a commie)!” and “America believes in you!” printed on them. You each get a free t-shirt that says “I <3 AMERICA!” on it. They’re adorable.

“Anyone who doesn’t wear the shirt is a communist,” a chipper female voice announces through the PA system. You put on the shirts.

You all decide that to get out of this alive, you need to work together to find the communists in your midst and lynch them. Otherwise, you’re sure to lose. And if you lose now, what’s to say that the rest of America won’t lose to the Red Threat??


Here’s a more clear version of what the roles do in our Avocado-specific terms.

(For our purposes, “target” is whoever someone chooses to use their power on at night.)

Gets a QT with one person from the graveyard each night. The person chosen is random, and they can still talk to the rest of the graveyard during the medium’s visit. After they die, they can get one “seance” with a living person. This means they get a QT with someone who is alive for one night only.

Prevents one person from carrying out their role each night, also known as roleblocking them. NOTE: If they roleblock the Serial Killer, they will die instead of the SK’s target.

Prevents one person from dying each night.

Godfather/Communist Leader
Doesn’t actually do much! They don’t visit their target, the mafioso does. They replace the mafioso/communist spy if that person dies.

Framer/ Communist Framer
Changes the sheriff’s result on their target from “not suspicious” to “mafia”.

Can investigate one person each night. They get 3 possible roles for their target. For example, if I investigated Owen, I would get the result “He is either a doctor, a serial killer, or a lookout” (this isn’t a real result)

Can see whoever visits someone they choose each night. Visiting means using a role on someone. For example, an investigator would visit the person they’re investigating. If you lookout-ed Owen, you would see that I visited him, but you wouldn’t know what I did when I visited him.

Can investigate one person each night. They get one of three factions for their target- not suspicious, mafia, or serial killer. Note that neutral roles like the jester, and the Communist Leader, will be not suspicious.

Gets a private QT with their target each night. This means they can talk in secret. This also prevents the target from carrying out their role, and prevents the target from being targeted. The jailer can kill the person they jail each night- up to 3 times. However, if they kill a townie, they’ll lose this power. NOTE: The jailer will die if they jail the serial killer.

They have someone they want to see lynched. (This person was given to them in their QT. They will always be a town role.) If that person is lynched, they win! If they are night killed, they become a jester.

Mafioso/ Communist Spy
The wolf role that actually goes out and does the killing- one target each night.

Wants to be lynched. If they are lynched, they win, and get to kill someone that voted for them the next night. Being night killed is not a win.

Serial Killer
A killer that is not affiliated with anyone else.

There’s also either a veteran or a vigilante in this game- they are townies that can kill. Here are both of their descriptions.

Every night, they can decide whether or not to go on “alert”. This means that if someone visits them- even if it’s to help them, like the doctor or investigator- the veteran will kill them. The veteran gets 3 “alerts”.

The vigilante gets three night kills that they can use any night they want. If they kill a townie, however, they will commit suicide the next night out of guilt.

Lastly, there is a duplicate role- two people have one of these Town roles. There cannot be 2 jailers, veterans, or vigilantes.


  1. Captain Video!
  2. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  3. MacCrocodile
  4. Sic Humor
  5. hohodor
  6. Admirax
  7. D. Goat
  8. Mr. Rubber Burner
  9. subsaharan
  10. notevenanerd
  11. The Hayes Code
  12. Lord Stoneheart
  13. E-Dog
  14. Lindsay
  15. BannerThief

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