Werewolves 65: McCarthyism – Day 3

This whole PTA thing may not be entirely legal, but damn if it isn’t working.

That’s what all of you said before lights out last night.

Bandit Keith slept soundly, dreaming of how amazing America is. He barely even stirred when a figure broke through the bars and crept through his cell. However, he definitely stirred when the figure used a neon red t-shirt to choke him to death. In his last moments he managed to get out the words- “USA! USA! USA!”

Sic Humor (Bandit Keith) has died. He was the SHERIFF.

The next morning, as the chipper female voice on the loudspeaker informs you of last night’s deaths, Squiggy stumbles upon several trashed embroidery hoops and yards of aida fabric torn to shreds. You all follow the trail of ruined cross stitch to an abandoned cell behind the stairs.

Laying in the cell is Irene Noodleman. Someone killed her with the laser function on her brand new blender.

The Hayes Code (Mrs. Irene Noodleman, Teen-Age Housewife) has died. She was the JAILER.

“Damn it,” says the now un-chipper female voice over the loudspeaker, “You were doing so good.

(I’m not listing all of the roles here again so you don’t have to scroll past it. Instead, here’s a link to the Day 1 thread where all the roles are: Day 1)


  1. Captain Video  Sheriff
  2. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  3. MacCrocodile
  4. Sic Humor Sheriff
  5. hohodor
  6. Admirax
  7. D. Goat  Communist Spy
  8. Mr. Rubber Burner
  9. subsaharan Jester
  10. notevenanerd
  11. The Hayes Code Jailer
  12. Lord Stoneheart
  13. E-Dog
  14. Lindsay Communist Leader
  15. BannerThief

Twilight is 3 PM EST on Sunday, July 8.