Parental Guidance SPECIAL ADDITION – Let’s Talk About OUR Parents

Hi all,

First, some housekeeping – Corn is taking a break from hosting this thread the summer. And we’ll likely just keep it to once a month.

Normally this is a thread for people who are parents or parental-ish caregivers.

But this time, I thought it would be interesting to open it up to talking about our own parents or parental-ish caregivers*. One of the things about adulting is one’s changing  dynamic and relationship with one’s own parents.

Personally, I’m at a place where my parents are getting up in age, and I’m seeing that I will eventually be “sandwiched” into being a caregiver for them as well as my son.

So let’s talk about our parents!  How have your found dynamics changing through the years? What sorts of things are you worried about? Do they drive you bonkers, or what?Share stories, frustrations, vent – and by all means help each other with asking for / giving advice

*Please so go ahead with other PG stuff about your own kids as well.