Werewolves 65: McCarthyism – Day 2

The night is cold, and the cots you have in your cells are not comfortable at all. A few of you have trouble sleeping. Medusa is one of those people.

Medusa folds her arms sassily. Why would she ever be a communist? She worked hard to make it here, and bought a house with the money she earned in a capitalist society. She loved America, that’s why she came here! Medusa sits up in bed, comforted by the snores of her snakes. At least they would keep her company in this trying time.

Gort patrols the prison, having broken through his cell wall (as no prison can contain him). His neon blue “I <3 AMERICA” t-shirt reflects what little moonlight reaches you. Gort stops at the door of Medusa’s cell. “VIOLATION OF EDICT 10 DETECTED,” he announces.

“How dare you!” says Medusa, flabbergasted. “Me and my ssssnakes would never-”

She starts to say more, but can’t get much out before Gort breaks into her cell and vaporizes her with his eye laser.

Captain Video (Medusa) has died. He was the SHERIFF.

Gort heads back to the secret communist meeting point, but doesn’t get very far before his arm falls off. Weird. He goes to pick it up before he realizes that his other arm fell off, too. Strange. Before any other arm-related incidents happen, Gort’s entire body falls apart.

A figure hidden by shadow holds up a screwdriver proudly. “Our Earth weapons are useless, huh?” they say. Gort tries to protest as the speaker that allows him to speak is ripped out of his body. The figure tears off Gort’s neon blue “I <3 AMERICA” shirt to reveal a neon red “Communism!” t-shirt. With this, they run away, leaving Gort disassembled on the ground.

Disgruntled Goat (Gort!) has died. They were the COMMUNIST SPY.

In the morning, the loudspeaker makes a pleasant chime before announcing, “Rise and shine, everybody!” Your cell doors swing open in unison. “Time for another day of murdering some commies!”

The voice continues, “By the way, there was a vengeful ghost here last night, but it didn’t really do much. Maybe someone prevented it from murdering everyone? Good job, whoever did that.”


(I’m not listing all of the roles here again so you don’t have to scroll past it. Instead, here’s a link to the Day 1 thread where all the roles are: Day 1)


  1. Captain Video  Sheriff
  2. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  3. MacCrocodile
  4. Sic Humor
  5. hohodor
  6. Admirax
  7. D. Goat  Communist Spy
  8. Mr. Rubber Burner
  9. subsaharan Jester
  10. notevenanerd
  11. The Hayes Code
  12. Lord Stoneheart
  13. E-Dog
  14. Lindsay
  15. BannerThief

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