The Thursday Politics Thread 7/5: Mission To Moscow

Morning Politocadoes!

Hopefully all our American commenters are bright-eyed bushy tailed after  yesterday’s festivities. What did you all do? Cookout with family and friends? Visit important historical sites to renew your faith in this country in the face of the coming Orange Apocalypse? Well! If you’re a GOP lawmaker, you go to Russia! That’s right, Congrssmen Richard Shelby of Alabama, John Kennedy of Louisiana, John Hoeven of North Dakota Jerry Moran of Kansas, Steve Daines of Montana ,John Thune of South Dakota Ron Johnson of Wisconsin Kay Granger of Texas all traveled to Moscow on July 4, Independence Day. Such a strange way to show your patriotism.

It’s totally not weird. There was no collusion. Even though the Senate Intel Committee just concluded that yes, hell yes, there was. And now these chuckleheads went to Moscow in advance of Trump’s bending the knee to Putin summit in a couple weeks.

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