Best Video Game Character Tournament – Nominations

Remember when GameFAQs used to do these? Actually, they probably still do, but who goes to the front page of GameFAQs any more?

Anyway, this is a simple idea: nominate your favorite video game characters. Post one character per comment and try to avoid posting a character someone else already has. To support a character nomination, upvote that post. There are no limits to how many nominations you can support.

Primary guideline: This character must originate from a video game. Characters that appeared first in other media and then subsequently appeared in video games are not allowed.

There are no strict guidelines for what constitutes a video game or a character. If you really want to nominate the L Block from Tetris, go nuts.

The plan is to take the top 64 upvoted characters into the tournament. That’s subject to change if voter participation is such that a smaller or larger number makes more sense.

Nominations end July 7.