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The Leftorium Votes Bernie-Bros into Office

A left populist wins in NY-14. A left populist wins in Mexico. A left populist won seats in the UK. A left populist won in Spain. Left populists won big in PA. Repeating this again for those still lamenting that they aren’t at brunch right now under a Hillary Clinton presidency: Bernie would’ve won. If you’re worried you spent most of 2015-16 and aftewards convinced he hadn’t the slightest chance of winning the general and buying malicious DNC-manufactured talking points about Bernie Bros and purity-trolls and socialism being the ideological sandbox of privileged, white dude-bros, that’s alright. Better late than never. Even the most visible centrist darlings are awkwardly having their come-to-jesus moments wrt to the message the Bernie-left has been trying to get across over the last three years: people everywhere want leftist policies, policies that address their material concerns most of all. If you don’t run an authentic and convincing campaign on these issues (no big-money donors, no concessions to the middle) people will not turn out to vote.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who campaigned in 2015 for Bernie like the white, misogynist dudebro she is, stunned everyone last Tuesday, ousting the democratic incumbent being groomed to replace Nancy Pelosi. Republican observers are currently in freefall over her win and are tripping themselves up trying to mount a smear effort. They’re panicked. That’s good. Elsewhere however, the democratic machine is already doing what it does best – self-sabotage. That’s bad. The takes began late Tuesday evening and haven’t stopped flooding in since:

Praise for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Some of your 2020-draft faves are pitching in:

Others are trying to file away the things that people who campaigned and voted for her connected with so she might be rebranded another milquetoast centrist turd by the time the midterms roll around:

Others are doing this:

In the spirit of moving forward with the socialist invasion, here’s a list of progressive candidates currently running in local and national primaries who need more visibility.

Cori Bush

(Typical Bernie-Bro)

Kerri Evelyn Harris

Julia Salazar

Cynthia Nixon

Abdul El-Sayed

Kaniela Ing

Dorothy Gasque

In the news

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) won big in Mexico, bringing his party to power for the first time in decades. hear the world ‘populist’ and since they have short attention spans or ulterior motives or both, the first thing they think to do is label him Mexico’s Trump. There’s even the old smear effort to tie him to Putin with zero evidence rearing its head again:

Anthony Kennedy is out at SCOTUS. The irl inspiration for the character played by Ann Down in The Handmaid’s Tale is possibly in?

The SC ruled badly in its Janus descision.

Alan Dershowitz releases No More Parties in Martha’s Vineyard, lamenting getting shunned (SHUNNED!) for his views.

Over on The Leftorium:

Detroiters S2E3, “Duvet Family Reunion”

Some sick proletariat jams while you’re here: