Steven Universe S5E20: “What’s Your Problem?”

After that nice serving of backstory dump yesterday, now we get a relaxed episode with some nice introspection. Okay, maybe not relaxed, but definitely crying. And frustration. And more crying.

More or less like for Sapphire yesterday, Amethyst get’s a turn in processing the revelation of Roses’ secret. And unlike Pearl or Garnet, Amethyst isn’t tied down as emotionally as the other two (well, three). This, in an irony not lost on the show, makes her the most mature emotionally of the Crystal Gems, due to her not being there for the war. Still, it seems Steven still has alot of baggage to sort through, him being royalty and all.

And maybe, Greg might now something ’bout all this…

*episode cuts before they land*

for tomorrow. (Which by the way, Lass will be handling.)

  • Line of the day from Saph herself, “Why would she be a cowboy!?!”
  • A glorious return for the Gembody form from Adventures in Light Distortion.