Werewolves 65: Communists? In My Country? It’s More Likely Than You Think. 

“Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?”

The year is 19fifty-something. Communist spies have infested our good United States of America. They control our Congress, Hollywood, and other things, probably. We have proof! No, we’re not going to show it to you. Just take our word for it. The Communist party influences every part of our culture, and it’s terrible.

Luckily, we’ve got some committees together to rat out those filthy Reds! That’s why you’re here!

We’re trying this new thing, where instead of forcing you to name your friends, family, and colleagues as dirty traitors and the scum of the earth, we force a group of you to kill each other in a fun game! Our reasoning is you’ll probably kill a few commies if you’re killing people. We call it the Possible Traitor Annihilation committee – the PTA committee for short! 🙂

So get yourselves situated, and get to know each other! You all come from very diverse backgrounds, I’m sure that’ll be fun to discuss. Please don’t try to escape. This is a prison.

Welcome to Werewolves 65: Communists? In My Country? It’s More Likely Than You Think. (Also known as Werewolves 65: McCarthyism.)

So, Owen and I are adapting the roles from Town of Salem to Avocado Werewolf! The Salem Witch Trials were already made into a game, though, so this seemed like the next best thing.

Here’s the roles and a short description of them. Here is a google doc with a more extensive version of the roles. We’re keeping most of the ToS names for the roles, because we’re not creative enough to change them. The only names we changed are the Mafioso (Communist Spy), the Godfather (Communist Leader), and the Framer (Communist Framer).


Medium (Town) – Can talk one dead person each night.

Escort (Town) – Can role block one person each night.

Investigator (Town) – Gets a clue to a person’s role each night.

Lookout (Town)- Sees who performs night actions on who each night.

Sheriff (Town)- Gets a character’s alignment each night.

Jailer (Town)- Role blocks someone and interviews them each night.


Communist Framer (Wolf)- Flips the Investigator’s results on a specific person each night.

Communist Leader (Wolf)- Decides who to kill each night.

Communist Spy (Wolf)- Kills someone each night and takes the fall if the Communist Leader is caught.

Scum (Not on a team with each other)

Executioner (Scum)- Targets a specific person to be killed.

Jester (Scum)- Wants to be killed. If they are killed during the day, they can revenge kill someone who voted for them.

Serial Killer (Scum)- Wants to kill everyone.

In addition, there will be a random duplicate of one of the town roles listed above as well as a Town Killer- either a veteran (kills people who visits them at night) or a vigilante (goes traveling at night to kill people). They are town-aligned.

Town wins if all scum dies, Communists/Wolves win if all townies die, Serial Killer wins if all but one other person dies, and Jester and Executioner have their own win conditions that are described in their roles.

There are 15 slots in the game.

We recommend somewhat experienced players that can commit to the game and have experience with Quicktopic (basically anyone who’s played a few games), but we are happy to accept new players. Good luck!


  1. Captain Video!
  2. Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  3. MacCrocodile
  4. Sic Humor
  5. hohodor
  6. Admirax
  7. D. Goat
  8. Mr. Rubber Burner
  9. subsaharan
  10. notevenanerd
  11. The Hayes Code
  12. forget_it_jake
  13.  E-Dog
  14.  Lindsay
  15. BannerThief


  1. Stoneheart
  2. Doctor Nick
  3. LouieBlue