The Thursday Politics Thread Watches JAG for Policy Advice

Morning politocadoes,

Trump once again proved that our country is being run by a megalomaniacal old man who watches too much TV. Reportedly, the Department of Justice has requested several JAGs from the Department of Defense to assist in prosecuting all of the detained immigrants. JAGs typically have no experience with immigration law, but that’s okay because so long as they have some courtroom experience, US Attorneys offices will provide them with background on the required areas of law. Nothing wrong with that!

I still don’t quite see the logic here. I know Stable Genius and Jeffuhson Beauregahd probably realized that at some point waaay too late in the process that they had no plan for how to prosecute these people(one of the reasons why Catch and Release makes sense on a bureaucratic level).  And from my lay understanding, a JAG’s powers are reserved for the military(feel free to correct, however), so really they’re just asking for more government lawyers. Why not get ones with an actual background in the subject?

Trump wants tough guys. He wants people that are brutal ‘killers’ as he might call them. He gravitates toward the military because he thinks they’ll follow his every order. And he thinks he’ll get that with uniformed attorneys. That has to be the reason. Otherwise he watches too much TV and really liked how awesome JAG was.

Meanwhile, protesters are appearing at airports across the country. Hundreds showed up last night at LaGuardia as the latest shipment of baby detainees was brought in. There are still no plans for what to do with them; no plans to reunite the 2300 some odd kids with their families. We’re gonna hold them indefinitely. Dumb, cruel, expensive and unnecessary. You know, the more I write about how needless and stupid and mean this all is, I just get mad.


Get involved. June 30th.

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