World Cup Russia 2018: Day 8, Pass It to Messi

Three games, three 1-0. At least the Spain v Iran game was good. Anyway, Morocco is out, Group B is still interesting, though

Now we get to Day 8, Group C could be decided today depending on the results, while all eyes are on Messi to see if he can turn it around for Argentina

Group C: Denmark v Australia

Denmark didn’t play pretty, they didn’t attack much, but they won and in tournaments this short that’s all that matters. Australia tried against France, but they’re pretty limited. A win by Denmark here will most likely assure their qualification

Group C: Peru v France

What a heartbreak that was for Perú, Cueva will dream of that shot for all his life (well, at least it might replace his failure at the Copa América in his mind). They looked much better with Paolo Guerrero in the field, but it was too late. Now they have to get the win against France, one of the favorite teams to win the whole thing. It’s a daunting task

Group D: Argentina v Croatia

An Argentinian team that went all in into their “pass it to Messi” strategy will surely need way more than that against a Croatian team that looked really good against Nigeria, in particular their midfield. If Croatia wins the midfield battle, this is gonna be a long game for Messi