The Toybox: Monsters vs Monsters

The Toybox is an open thread that welcomes chit-chat about any and all topics related to action figure and toy collecting.

The monster is the ultimate toy subject.  If there is a movie coming out in a genre that allows for monsters, the first thing toy designers go for is the monster.  Every Star Wars movie has some kind of monster that will get a toy.  Godzilla is an internationally renowned hero and villain all in one, and has been merchandised by countless companies.  And as Mike Mignola has pointed out time and again, he created Hellboy so that he could draw monsters all the time for a living (and Hellboy is no slouch when it comes to awesome toys and collectibles).

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for what to talk about today in the Toybox thread, why not talk about your favourite monster toys?  While Dinosaurs actually existed, you can’t deny the fact that the Jurassic Park/World films are some of the most successful monster films ever made, and that they’ve generated some pretty kick-ass toys.