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The Tuesday Politics Thread IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE


Folks, we’re fixin’ to conquer the heavens, to reach up towards the Almighty His Own Self and tell him “You look at me, You big lunk, for I am MAN!” President Watches Too Much TV has decided that after seeing that documentary about space warfare on TNT last weekend — you know, Moonraker — that that’s what we need to do. A branch of the military that’s “separate but equal” (what the fuck, man) from the Air Force. The Air Force, but in space. Like, some kind of…SPACE FORCE.

Also the US is still throwing kids in tent cities because their parents committed a misdemeanor and the administration is like “It’s our policy but it’s also NOT our policy and it’s a law that nobody signed into law but the Democrats have to change it” and Republican lawmakers are like “I am very concerned, this is not who we are, we need to do better, but I’ll be damned if I support legislation to stop this because it was drawn up by a Democrat”.

Recruit ’em all in the Space Force, I say.

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