The Night Thread does the Humpty Hump 6/19

This Night Thread is your chance to do The Hump!

“The Humpty Dance” hearkens back to George Clinton and his groups, the Parliament and the Funkadelics, which were a huge influence on the West Coast scene. It’s got a fun dance atmosphere, with a funky hook, a dance, and a multicultural invitation for everyone.

The rapper known by the alias “Humpty Hump” was born Edward Ellington Humphrey III. He wears a fake nose after having been tragically burned in a kitchen accident with a deep fryer. A former lead singer of “Smooth Eddie and the Humpers,” the Tampa native eventually found success teaming up with his brother, Shock G, the lead vocalist of Bay Area rap group, The Digital Underground. There he joined the likes of DJ Fuze, Money B, Schmoovy Schmoov, and future hip-hop megastar Tupac Shakur.

“Humpty’s like a nerd version of a pimp n!@@#, with a little perv mentality from Benny Hill, some Morris Day, and Groucho Marx’s sense of humor,” Shock G once said of Humpty.

Oh, one other thing: Humpty Hump was actually just Shock G in disguise. Shock G (real name: Gregory Jacobs) employed many alter egos, but Humpty Hump was probably his most popular. In fact, he would sometimes appear alongside Humpty himself… by getting a lookalike to don the Grouch Marx glasses and the fuzzy hat. When performing as Humpty, Shock G would put on a comical voice. (Which honestly never hit me, since Humpty sounds almost exactly like a classmate I had in elementary school.)

The costume came a shopping trip at the local party store for the “Doowutchalike” video, which depicts a raucous pool party where partygoers are dressed in weird costume noses. Shock G latched onto the Groucho Marx glasses and created an elaborate backstory for it. It turns out that the nose plays, especially when paired with the voice.

And thus, “Humpty Hump” was born… and a dance that apparently looks like MC Hammer on crack.