World Cup Russia 2018: Day 7, The Moroccan Reconquest

So the surprises just keep coming, huh? Colombia shot themselves in the foot and lost to Japan, Poland didn’t show anything remotely close to their FIFA ranking (I know, they’re meaningless) and Egypt got crushed and they’re out.

And that takes us to Day 7, Portugal and Spain out for blood, while Uruguay should have an easy game. In theory

Group B: Portugal v Morocco

Morocco had a uphill battle in a group that included Portugal and Spain, but they had hope. Then they had their hearts ripped out by Iran with an own goal in the last minute. Now they have nothing to lose. Portugal comes from the emotional high of drawing against Spain, these two teams are in complete opposite emotional states

Group B: Iran v Spain

Iran not only but also showed good defense and some dangerous counters in their first match, we’ll probably see more of the same. Of course Spain is not Morocco, we’ll see how that works for them. On the other hand, Spain needs a win if they want to win the group, their tiki-taka should be enough to open the Iranian defense

Group A: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia

Uruguay lacked offensive ideas against Egypt, but Saudi Arabia confirmed they are the worst team in the competition. This is the perfect match for Uruguay to regain some of their confidence