Tales Of Suspense Season One Episode Two Let The Games Begin

Part One of this thrilling adventure can be found here true believers! https://the-avocado.org/2018/06/04/tales-of-suspense-season-1-episode-1-meet-the-contestants/


Part One:

We open up in the production studio for the show where Arcade and his team of producers just saw Jodi Furman use her secret powers to save the five people she was chained too from a rapidly flooding room. Arcade in a rage demands to know why his casting director missed the fact that Jodi was a mutant.

Arcade: How in the hell did you not notice those powers when you gathering intel on her!?

Miss Locke: Sorry sir I spent months hiding in the Canadian wilderness near her cabin and I didn’t once see Miss Furman hold any metal let alone manipulate it with her mind and what little information the team digged up on her only indicated that she worked with Department H not she was one of the heroes on the team.

A little annoyed but seemingly accepting of this answer Arcade’s mood flips like a switch as he demands to know where Mysterio is.

Arcade: Where is Big M? We need to discuss how we should rebalance the game to account for this shift in the players?

Mister Chambers: He is in the recording booth Sir, addressing the contestants.


Part Two:

We return to the central hub of The MurderWorld™ compound where on the screen Misterio is addressing the contestants after explaining the ground rules for the game he introduces the team to the main event:

Mysterio: Welcome to MurderWorld everyone! Over the course of the next several weeks as you explore this veritable wonderland of misery you’ll come across rooms of harder and harder challenges both physical and mental. You may even learn things about yourself and others that you didn’t want to! For example Mr. Haller this first room is made specifically for you. We wanted to see just how extensive your powers are so inside are robot duplicates of some other Omega Level mutants you may know including Elixir, Matthew Molloy, Mr.M, and Cable. The rest of you need to both avoid death and help him figure out how to defeat the mechanical malfeasance perplexing your perilous existences.

Before anyone can respond the monitor flickers off and a door opens up across the room. The bomb collars on everyone’s necks start beeping ensuring that nobody stays behind.


Ok that’s all for this week folks please tune in two weeks from now where I describe a gripping and thrilling fight scene guaranteed to dazzle and thrill the senses!

(I would’ve had the fight scene this week but I can’t seem to write one that satisfies my standards so I am taking more time to work on it. Apologies for the shorter length this time)