Good News To Make You Feel Better

I know we’re all feeling down, for various reasons. I have to help my mom move out of my childhood home this weekend, and it’s going to be hard. But I have FUN FACTS that will sooth all of our souls.

  • Sharks cannot do taxes, and are therefore unlikely to follow you into an HR Block
  • Parking meters all love you, even though they have no way of showing it
  • That soda you like is probably on sale right now somewhere
  • If you call soda “pop,” that’s fine too. Also “Coke” and “fizz.”
  • The moon isn’t going anywhere
  • I saw a cat yesterday. It was cute!
  • So many places will give you free pens
  • When the US penny is finally discontinued, all the pennies you have now will become treasured heirlooms
  • Can’t be more than a couple years until Elizabethan collars come back into vogue, and that’s gonna be great
  • The Sumerians always believed in you
  • You’re probably richer than the richest goldfish that ever lived
  • Tab will also give you wings, and is cheaper than Red Bull
  • The Seinfeld-esque bass run in Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” is palindromic – the second half of it is the first half played backwards. Check it out:

And the best part is that this list of fun facts isn’t exhaustive! There are even more fun facts out there. Share yours in the comments!