Avocado Texas Meetup

June 23rd at 1pm at The Backyard in Waco! Be there or be even more square!

So to start: my bad, in the Google form (now edited) I sent out, I used the dates for the weekends in July, not June, I edited the form so I’d like y’all to fill it out with. But the weekend of the 21st/22nd won so I think 23rd/24th is the closest to that. My vote is on June 23rd, but fill out the form again and discuss in the comments

As far as where to go, I think it’ll be Dallas according to the results (Waco and Forth Worth tied, but Dallas seems more interesting):

I think Waco is the best middle ground, unfortunately it means our Dallas Avocados have to drive a bit, but it makes the drive for the rest of us much easier.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 7.53.08 AM.png

So I’d like some discussion in the comments where to go. Ideally I think is a place with:

  • counter service
  • dog friendly (covered) patio
  • serves beer/alcohol for people who like to partake
  • serves food
  • has enough parking at place or surrounding neighborhood
  • Preferably in the south/south east portion of the city easier for people for people coming in on I-35/ I-45 (if this is an irradiated wasteland, Dallasites lemme know)

I’m excited to meet you weirdos that I’ve spent so much time talking to.