“Mean Francine” American Dad! S15 E13

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 13
Mean Francine
Grade: B+

I wasn’t on board with either the A or B-plots this episode, but the show won me over. Janitor Roger was a delight, and even though I’d rather have seen more of Francine’s Archery gang, the Golden Girls and their moon hatred were pretty entertaining. Steve’s characterization of being immune to humiliation was a little off, but it was in service of helping the plot and the comedy. Jeff’s hat subplot, however, was just kind of there. The ‘to be continued…’ inspired more dread than anticipation.

But overall the fun the episode had with the tired trope of adults impersonating teenagers in high school was pretty well put together, with Francine and Roger’s sociopathic tendencies finding legitimate reasons (blending in mostly) to express themselves.

Random Observations:
• “We did it Francine! We screwed the school!”
• “God they were the best.”
• Steve from home.
• “All I have to do is find out where Steve goes to school.”
• “Who called you a herb. Bitches?”