Jeopardy! recap for Tue., May 8

Jeopardy! recap for Tue., May 8 – Here are the contestants for game two of the Teachers Tournament:

– Rachel, elementary special ed. from Trumansburg, NY, who is inspired by her students;
– Bob, 7th and 8th grade social studies from Phoenix, OR, who does a chant with countries and capitals; and
– Erika, K-12 technology from Durwood, MD, whose grandmother was her first teacher.

It was a wide open contest at the end of DJ with Erika at $11,200, Rachel at $10,400 and Bob with $8,200, so it was quite possible all three players could advance with correct responses to FJ.

DD1 – NATIONAL PARKS – Of these 2 California parks, Ken Burns said one offers the biggest trees; the other the tallest (Bob won $2,000 on a true DD.)

DD2 – THIRD LETTER X – It’s the proper term for someone who writes or compiles a dictionary (Rachel lost $2,000)

DD3 – SHORT STORIES – A stone hit the unfortunate winner of this 1948 Shirley Jackson tale in the side of the head (Bob won $1,000)

FJ – LONDON LANDMARKS – Built in the 1990s, it’s the only permanent structure permitted in London with a thatched roof since the Great Fire of 1666

Only Rachel was correct on FJ, adding $4,000 to win with $14,400. Erika dropped half of her score to finish with $5,600 and Bob lost $5,800 to end with $2,400, so both runners-up will need a lot of help to stay alive in the tournament.

Wagering strategy corner: Bob found DD3 with $7,200 and just one other clue remaining. At this point his strategy should have been to bet it all on DD3, or bet the minimum and go all-in on FJ. Given that DDs have a higher conversion rate, unless Bob had a particular aversion to the category, that would have been the time to make his big move.

That’s before our time: No one knew the Yukon-set Charlie Chaplin film “The Gold Rush” or could recognize the tune to “Ain’t She Sweet”.

This day in Trebekistan: Alex offered his unique idea of what Huck Finn might have sounded like, which seemed to cause Bob to doubt whether he had the correct response.

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What are Sequoia and Redwood?
DD2 – What is a lexicographer?
DD3 – Who is “The Lottery”?
FJ – What is the Globe Theater?