The Night Thread of Katherine Katt

The “Aliens” series is not the greatest series ever; in fact, at times it’s a frustrating one.  But for what it is–a series where an otherwise normal woman named Katherine “Kitty” Katt, becomes, through a series of weird steps, the First Lady to the first alien president of the United States–it’s a fun romp.  Especially since Kitty exists to be genre-savvy as hell, knows how the villains think because she’s totally read that plot before in an X-Man comic, and is constantly rocking out to her own soundtrack (which sadly includes Aerosmith, among other horrible choices, but no one’s perfect).  Along the way she marries a smokin’ hot Alpha Centauri alien named Jeff Martini who is, along with his family and friends, a refugee from said planet; gains super powers; and basically becomes the savior of the solar system mostly because she’s not afraid to punch the bad guy in the face or tell them how much they sucks, and still manage to walk away.


In some ways she’s literally a Mary Sue, except that she’s become one because she knew how to game that particular system.  It’s frustrating, but entertaining, especially since she has no problem out-thinking and out-smarting people who are probably actually a hell of a lot smarter than her, but who constantly underestimate her.

There’s 17(!) books in the series, and more to follow, because Gini Koch is also a really fast writer.  And thankfully still publishing in paperback.