Post-Derby Food Coma (or hangover) 5/6

Yesterday was Kentucky Derby Day. Anyone have a Derby Party, or actually go?

Mint Juleps and ostentatious hats were the only thing I really associated with the race but I figured there was more to it than liquor and headgear. This Mental Floss listicle has some really tasty suggestions. The Kentucky Hot Brown (can’t help but snicker at that) pictured above looks more like a hangover breakfast to me.

The first house I bought had mint coming up all over the yard the first spring we lived there, turns out the previous owner heard it was good ground cover and it took over (as mint is wont to do). It inspired us to throw a Derby Party with juleps made from our home grown mint, I was zonked before the race even started. These days I still enjoy mint although without the bourbon, I even keep a small patch kind of in check in my back yard these days. We make this ice cream at least once a year now, I highly recommend the book it’s from, A Perfect Scoop.

Eat Up Avocados!