Shoeless Trivia: Beer

It’s “Reeb” spelled backwards.

  1. Against the Grain, Blue Stallion, Goodwood, and Alltech are all breweries located in what US state?
  2. In the image below, what word is blurred out on the can of MillerCoors beer being held by craft brewer Greg Koch?beer3
  3. Try to remember: On King of the Hill, what fictional beer brand favored by Hank Hill and friends is made from from “the lukewarm headwaters of the mighty Brazos River”?
  4. Give the first name of either Herr Anaheuser or Herr Busch, of Anaheuser-Busch fame.
  5. The bitter flavor of beer is primarily created by what low pH compounds found in hops?

  1. Kentucky
  2. STONE
  3. Alamo Beer
  4. Eberhard Anheuser, Adolphus Busch
  5. alpha acids or humulones


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