The Second Doctor Night Thread


…seriously, go vote for Patrick Troughton in the Snubbies; he is up for Best Snubbed Supporting Actor for his part in The Omen. He needs at least two or three more votes to qualify for the next round, and I’d love to see him represented:

…seriously, the man was brilliant. The Second Doctor, he was, from 1966 to 1969, with additional appearances in 1972, 1983, and 1985, but he was also in so many other parts, all of them done brilliantly, no matter the quality of what he was in!

Here he is, for instance, acting opposite Peter Cushing (in brownface, yes, but…) as the two play a pair of allied villains — King Mark of Cornwall and Sir Palamides the Saracen — in the British Alan Ladd film The Black Knight:

Just one of many great performances from him — so great, in fact, that Olivier himself employed him multiple times, as the Player King in his Hamlet, as one of the murderers in Richard III, and as Olivier’s acting double as Richard so Olivier could properly set up and block scenes before filming so he would know how to play them when in front of the cameras — Olivier trusted him that much.

Here he is as the Player King, performing the dumb show, in Hamlet:

And here he is as Tyrell, one of the murderers, in Richard III:

So, please. He needs your vote, for his brilliance, and his talents, and his kindness. The Doctor needs you. The votes for Snubbies always taper off a few days after posting, before everybody’s had a chance to nominate their own and for other people to vote on them, and the final nominees for ’76 are locking in this Wednesday. So, please, give him your votes.

And give some more love and/or votes to Holly Palance, nominated for Best Snubbed Supporting Actress, while you’re at it, too — Richard Donner was so impressed working with her in The Omen that she nearly got the role of Lois Lane in Superman.

Here’s her testing with Christopher Reeve himself:

And here is, yes, her famous death scene in The Omen — the one she’s nominated for in the Snubbies, so keep her in mind:

Look at her, AVoCADoans! IT’S ALL FOR YOU!

*jumps off post; breaks thread*