Snubby Awards: 1977 Results/1976 Nominations

1977’s Snubbies were dominated by two sci-fi blockbusters, one which scored a bunch of Oscar nominations, and one which, inexplicably, didn’t. To no one’s surprise, Star Wars was well-represented, winning Carrie Fisher a second Best Snubbed Actress for Princess Leia (she also won for Return of the Jedi), James Earl Jones his second for Darth Vader (he also won for Jedi), not to mention Best Snubbed Supporting Actor Peter Cushing, and Best Cast.

1977’s other sci-fi totem, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, got less love from Oscar, but love for Richard Dreyfuss, who won Best Snubbed Actor, and a Best Snubbed Picture award. Rounding out the year is Best Snubbed Director David Lynch for Eraserhead, Best Snubbed Supporting Actress Madeline Kahn for High Anxiety, and a Best Stuntwork nod for The Spy Who Loved Me. Funny enough, the Bond series has 3 Stuntwork trophies from the Craig era, two (and counting) from Roger Moore, and none from Brosnan or Dalton.

Now, on to 1976, in which one of the strongest Best Picture slates of all time was won by perhaps the unlikeliest nominee, Rocky. But besides those surprised other nominees, there were plenty of snubs. So, as always, feel free to suggest any film or performance, and upvote as many as you feel are deserving. Top five vote-getters in each category will be our Snubby nominees, which we’ll vote on next week. Remember this is only an exhibition, this is not a competition. Please, I implore you, no wagering.

And almost forgot, 1976’s Oscar nominees, who are not eligible for the Snubby:

Best Picture
All the President’s Men
Bound for Glory
Taxi Driver

Best Director
John G. Avildsen, Rocky
Alan J. Pakula, All the President’s Men
Ingmar Bergman, Face to Face
Sidney Lumet, Network
Lina Wertmüller, Seven Beauties

Best Actress
Faye Dunaway, Network
Marie-Christine Barrault, Cousin Cousine
Talia Shire, Rocky
Sissy Spacek, Carrie
Liv Ullmann, Face to Face

Best Actor
Peter Finch, Network
Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver
Giancarlo Giannini, Seven eauties
William Holden, Network
Sylvester Stallone, Rocky

Best Supporting Actress
Beatrice Straight, Network
Jane Alexander, All the President’s Men
Jodie Foster, Taxi Driver
Lee Grant, Voyage of the Damned
Piper Laurie, Carrie

Best Supporting Actor
Jason Robards, All the President’s Men
Ned Beatty, Network
Burgess Meredith, Rocky
Laurence Olivier, Marathon Man
Burt Young, Rocky