The Battleship Day Thread 4/7

One day, we will look back at the 2000 to early 2010’s as an era with crazy Michael Bay lookalikes.  That strange era before superheroes truly dominated everything.  When it was OK to stick 9/11 imagery in everything.

I hope Battleship joins that pantheon.  Mainly because it has Brooklyn Decker requesting a microwave chicken burrito.

She is denied… because the kitchen is closed! (Scene of barkeep closing the microwave.) But lo… movie hero Taylor Kitsch is here to save the day.

My hero!

And a man of his word.  Kitsch breaks into a convenience store, and gets her a chicken burrito.


I don’t think he heated it up though.  That always bugged me.  Does Brooklyn Decker have to go home to use the microwave?  You had, like, five minutes, Kitsch.  Also… aren’t there a lot of convenience stores open 24 hours?  Was that store closed due to a family emergency or something?

For that, we should never forget. Never forget Battleship.

And also that scene where the navy retirees load up the Battleship to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”.  Because ‘Muricah.