The Patrick Troughton Night Thread

On to-Night‘s Thread, I’d like to bring to your attention a marvelous actor by the name of Patrick Troughton.


Look’it dat hotness.

He’s currently up for nomination in the ‘76 Snubbies, for his part as Father Brennan in The Omen — he of the spectacular confrontation with Gregory Peck and subsequent horrifying death scene:


If you think he’s deserving (as I think he’s deserving), give him some more votes — he at least deserves a place in the nominations, I think.

…oh, yes, and he was arguably the best Doctor on Doctor Who. So, keep that in mind, too.



Here’s the link: (He’s in Supporting.)




And, as an addendum, here’s a lovely impromptu interview with him when he was in New Jersey in 1986!