Werewolf 57: Society – Day 3

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It is the year 1989. People disappear all the time in Beverly Hills. They disappear, and they come back different. Or they never come back at all. They’re the people that don’t fit in, that don’t belong, that don’t serve…society.

Axel Foley returned to Beverly Hills undercover as a high school student for one reason only: in the hopes that he couldn’t possibly be thrown through a window again. And also to hopefully help disrupt the disturbing alien sex fiend predator conspiracy apparently going on. With their informant gone and his number one suspect out of the picture, he decided to snoop around the high school that night. He lurked in the shadows, checking Sloane DuKane’s locker, and her classrooms, and any other place that could possibly contain remaining evidence. That is, until he lurked his way right into the face of somebody else lurking. Through the ski masks they both wore, they locked eyes for a moment, tense, but with quiet respect for one another. Then panic took over and Axel tried to run, only for two more individuals to emerge from the dark and seize him, dragging him to a second floor window. He cursed the dramatic irony that plagued his life as the three casually tossed him through the glass and he plummeted onto the field of grass below.

Consumed with intensive, aching pain, Axel Foley could feel his bones splintered and pierced through his skin, the mud from the ground rubbing into his open wounds, and he struggled to crawl along the ground away from the school and back towards his car. He could hear the three people that attacked him running down the stairs and getting closer to him, eager to finish the job. With all his strength and adrenaline pumping through his body, he extended his arms and pulled himself along the ground as much and as fast as possible, screaming in pain all the while. His car was parked nearby, tantalizingly close. It was within his grasp. He knew they were right behind him, feeling their footsteps reverberating through the ground. He desperately reached his hand out towards the handle of his car door. He would have been able to grab the door handle. He would have. He knew he was close enough. With his arm only partly extended towards the car door, a leather boot smashed down on top of the back of his hand, and he screamed in pain again as his palm scraped into the concrete.

He just barely glanced upward in time to see the boot just as it hurtled onto his head.

Axel Foley (Subsaharan) is dead. He was (Vanilla Town) an innocent civilian of Detroit/Beverly Hills.


Contraband dealer Ricky Powerglide parked in his mother’s driveway in his battered AMC Concorde, still shaken from having lost one of his fellow saboteurs. This was the first big assignment these three teenagers had received from High Society, and they were deeply intimidated at the thought of failing in their service. None of them had been initiated into the Shunt yet, so they wouldn’t be missed by anyone outside their own families. What would happen to them if they failed? Would they be removed just the same as any of these disgusting, inferior humans? He already had to help kill one of his own friends and allies just to remain unsuspected, on top of knowing that his kind had attacked his newfound beloved mentor, Reaganomics Lamborghini. He couldn’t take much more fear and pain. It all just hurt so much. He was paralyzed with pain, sitting in that car, so overwhelmed that he barely even noticed the silhouette rising in the backseat, reflected in the rearview mirror. He didn’t panic. “Oh, it’s you. Huh. Go ahead.” They quietly drew the knife across his throat.

Ricky Powerglide (Captain Video) is dead. He was a Member of High Society.


ROLES (Subject to changing over time and overlapping)

  • 2 (Vanilla Town) Innocent Citizens of Beverly Hills
  • One Mysterious Returnee
  • One Amateur PI who can investigate individuals and determine whether or not they are a member of Society.
  • One Armed Citizen (Jailkeeper) who will stand guard outside one person’s home at night to ensure nobody goes either in or out.
  • One Serial Killer entirely separate from the conspiracy of Beverly Hills. A threat to everyone, but also possibly a solution.
  • Three Members of High Society. (Wolves) Undercover saboteurs meant to protect and preserve the secrets of Beverly Hills at any cost. Their influence is great and dangerous.


1. Forget It, Jake – Janiece Van Lanbrook

2. Banner Thief – Garrus

3. Indeee – Derek InDeego

4. Admirax – Amber Mariens

5. LindsayFunke – Precocious Child Detective Lindsay

6. Zecko – Andrew Norris

7. HolsGG – Brenda

8. Platypus Basileus – Reaganomics Lamborghini

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My games operate on a primary principle of low difficulty/learning-curve and intensive commitment to role-playing, to developing the characters and narrative while abiding by the rules and having fun with the game itself too.

When the game starts, understand that period/location accuracy in your language is less of a priority than commitment to the psychology and motivations that you develop for your characters and to remaining in character.

Please continue to role-play even as the gameplay begins to ramp up!

Twilight is at 7 PM PST/9 PM CST on Monday April 2.