A Series of Unfortunate Events: S2E1 The Austere Academy Part 1

Quick note: Apologies to Owen and anybody who came to the discussion page yesterday. I planned on making a thread for each episode weekly on Tuesday, with the obvious exception of today, but I did not share this in time and created some confusion. Anyway, the reason I’m creating threads for each episode a week rather then one thread for the entire season is to allow breathing room for each discussion, as well as concentrating the conversation to each episode. And it feels a little bit like it was back on the Mothership. But I digress, enjoy the discussion thread!

Don’t know why you’ve come here. You’ve just witnessed melancholy of the highest level from this episode, and know you stop by here. Well, if you must stay, just know that you are only wallowing more in the terrible happenings of the Baudelaire orphans. We first see them still sat waiting, what must have felt like a year if not more, before being taken upon a tour of their new home by a girl who appears as sweet as cherries but is, in fact, as sour as a granny smith left alone on a summer porch. They meet the Vice-Principal, a man more vain then self-aware. And the teachers and countless fellow students who glare at them, for the sin of having no parents.

But, not everyone the Baudelaires have met are so cruel. The Librarian, an eye of calm within this sorrowful storm, opens to them and her library, and most of all the Quagmire Triplets, now Twins, who like them have lost their Parents in a mysterious fire. However, the three orphans are placed within a shack, crawling with crabs and dripping with mold, and given classes with teachers as blasé as they are cruel.

And whilst all these horrendous circumstances occur, Count Olaf continues his macabre schemes of obtaining the Baudelaires fortunes as well as their heads. Having callously deprived the Prufrock sports team of their bus, while a mysterious man of a most mysterious organization desperately hides, to ensure that the Baudelaires are given every answer that at every turn stymied from still being nothing more then questions.

Austere Observations:

  • “I feel like we’ve been sitting on this bench for months.”
  • Love the way how they throw out that Sunny has noticeably aged. For a series with such as serious tone, it’s great it doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • Tap. Tap. Tap. “Cake sniffers.” Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
  • Sunny covering her ears while Nero plays really made that scene.
  • Also when she was typewriting.
  • As a guy who plays violin, I can not tell you how it bothers me so on the egregious amount of  broken strings on Nero’s bow.