Werewolf 57: Society Signups

It is the year 1989. You live in Beverly Hills, California. You go to high school, and you try to live as normal a life as you can amongst some of the wealthiest (and whitest) people in the country. Despite the privileges and comforts of your life, you feel that you don’t belong in this high society, and you struggle to trust your friends and family. Deep down, you know that you’re different from them, and you’re convinced that they must be all part of some grand conspiracy at work. People disappear all the time in Beverly Hills. They disappear, and they come back different. Or they never come back at all. They’re the people that don’t fit in, that don’t belong, that don’t serve…society. 

Update: 13 PLAYERS

ROLES (Subject to Change)

Parentheses will indicate if a role will have a different title to use in-game. 

7 Vanilla (Normies)

1 Jailkeeper (Armed Civilian)

1 Cop (Private Investigator/PI)

1 Serial Killer

3 Wolves (Members of High Society) Can recruit two new members once one of the first three has died.

My games operate on a primary principle of low difficulty/learning-curve and intensive commitment to role-playing, to developing the characters and narrative while abiding by the rules and having fun with the game itself too.

When the game starts, understand that period/location accuracy in your language is less of a priority than commitment to the psychology and motivations that you develop for your characters and to remaining in character.

There will be a preparatory Rabbit screening on Saturday or Sunday to ensure that everybody who signs up for this game is fully understanding of what they are going for in terms of the world they are in and the roleplay they’ll be partaking in. Please provide input on which day and what time of day will be best for you. If you can’t make the screening, please familiarize yourself with the film as best as possible.

Day 1 will start on Monday.


1. Forget It, Jake

2. Banner Thief

3. Library Lass

4. Indeee

5. Subsaharan

6. Admirax

7. LindsayFunke

8. Smapti

9. Captain Video

10. Platypus Basileus

11. Zecko

12. HolsGG

13. MacCrocodile


1. Owen

2. April