Werewolf 57: Society – Day 2

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It is the year 1989. People disappear all the time in Beverly Hills. They disappear, and they come back different. Or they never come back at all. They’re the people that don’t fit in, that don’t belong, that don’t serve…society.


The group shuffled out of Ricky Powerglide’s basement, several of them restraining Chad Crocston and carrying him in their arms. Janey Blanchard waved goodbye to everyone as she headed for the town boardwalk, where she would give a mysterious audio tape to the world’s greatest precocious child detective, Lindsay, who was given a secure escort to the boardwalk. Everyone retired to their homes except for the several adults, and the very adult seeming child from Detroit named Axel Foley, tasked with the unenviable job of bringing Chad Crocston into the woods and interrogating him regarding his loyalties to High Society.

They drove deep into the forests of California far away from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles city limits, and tied Chad Crocston to a thick redwood tree, taking turns punching his face, chest, and stomach as deep, bleeding bruises started to pepper the poor young man’s body. Axel Foley drew his switchblade and gently pressed the tip of it to Chad’s forehead. “I checked the fingerprints on that pool party flyer. I know it was you who brought it to us. But why, and why have you still given us nothing? What loyalty could Ted Ferguson possibly inspire? What secrets are you hiding?!”

With a weakness to his voice, Chad spoke up, his head still slumped down from the pain. “It’s true. I did bring the flyer. I was in Ferguson’s inner circle, and it was him that asked me to deliver it to you. I swear that my loyalties are not with him! I don’t have information to give you! I haven’t been to the Shunt. He doesn’t trust me with anything except menial tasks like menacing deliveries. Up to this point I did his bidding out of pure fear, but all of you had inspired me. I am not one of them and I needed to help you all overthrow the conspiracy, because it’s the only real way my family will survive here. But I need to protect them, by protecting the only secret I do have, the only thing that could’ve possibly gotten you all to spare me by proving I’m not with the High Society, because I couldn’t risk that knowledge about my family leaking to High Society.”

He stopped for a moment, straining to lift his head up. His life was fading fast, spilling out on the grass beneath their feet.

“My name isn’t Crocston. It’s Crocstein. As soon as I met Ted, my family knew we had to hide our heritage. Before David Blanchard disappeared, Ted would call him bagel breath. They will eat everyone I love if they find out. Please, protect this knowledge with your lives.”

His head fell again. He bled to death. Quiet and full of regret, the group nodded in agreement. “We will keep them safe.” They left his body in the woods. None of them would speak of it for the rest of their lives.

Chad Crocston/Crocstein (Mac Crocodile) is dead. He was (Vanilla Town) an innocent civilian of Beverly Hills.



The World’s Greatest Precocious Child Detective Lindsay arrived at the boardwalk in the dead of night, safely escorted by an adult chaperone, where she met with Janey Blanchard, the sister of one of High Society’s many victims. Janey presented an audio tape she had made from recording a private party of High Society. She apologized for subjecting this young girl to such inappropriate materials, but felt she needed to ensure she wasn’t the only one that heard what was on it, in case it was ever tampered with. On it, Lindsay heard the death-screams of Janey’s brother as he was eaten by a crowd of influencers from in town, whose voices are recognizable as the judge, the Mayor, the high school principal, Ted Ferguson, and others, while these numerous powerful and wealthy individuals also engaged in a massive debauched orgy. It was horrible, but it was just the kind of evidence they needed. And perhaps the voices of those that had infiltrated their organization could be found on it as well. Lindsay carefully placed the tape in her backpack and thanked Janey, and then they left in separate cars.


Pumped full of God knows how many chemicals in his system, and never mind that chump anyways because this man, this…thing, was not one of God’s works to begin with, Reaganomics Lamborghini recklessly sped through the streets of Beverly Hills at 80 miles per hour, nearly clipping many a car along the way. He was furious at Ricky Powerglide, furious at the horrible mistake that had been attacking Chad Crocston, and most of all, furious at himself for feeling like he was further than ever from avenging Sandra Alabastergale. Suddenly he was nearing his home, having barely paid attention to where he was for the whole ride, but still right where he needed to be. As he started to slow the car down, he sighed happily and leaned his head back, giving him just the right angle to look at his rearview mirror and see a car behind him right before it smashed into his bumper and trunk at top speed, sending his car straight into the side of his house, and his head flying forward smashing against the driver’s wheel.

He struggled to lift his head off the wheel, with his vision blurred and multi-colored blood leaking from his broken nose. He lifted and supported his head with his hands, began to look around at the destruction wrought upon his home, and only then did he notice the figure in a ski mask standing near his car, on top of a puddle of gasoline that had been leaking out of it. With his body in so much pain and his mind overwhelmed by the chemicals in his system, he had no time to react. The figure looked into his eyes and said, “You make waves, you’re gonna drown,” before lighting the match and setting themselves and the house and the car on fire, with their target trapped inside. The alien jacuzzi salesman and student guidance counselor could only scream as the flames consumed him. Only the traces of one body would be found at the scene the next morning, the police determining his death to be a drug-fueled accident.

Reaganomics Lamborghini was as delightful as he was abjectly terrifying, and he would be missed.

Reaganomics Lamborghini (Platypus Basileus) is dead. He was (Vanilla Town) an innocent civilian of Beverly Hills.


Nobody could say much about Chad Chester Bennington Gucci III Esquire. He hadn’t been around in the club much compared to the others. He was a stranger with a hilariously ostentatious name. And that made him a perfect target. Somebody no one would miss. He simply disappeared with no trace found for months after the conclusion of the events in Beverly Hills, until one day, a rotting severed arm was found buried in the yard of Beverly Hills Local High. And then a leg was found in a ditch outside of town. And more pieces began to be found.

Chad Chester Bennington Gucci III Esquire (Smapti) is dead. He was (Vanilla Town) an innocent civilian of Beverly Hills.


ROLES (Subject to changing over time)

  • 4 (Vanilla Town) Innocent Citizens of Beverly Hills
  • One Amateur PI who can investigate individuals and determine whether or not they are a member of Society.
  • One Armed Citizen (Jailkeeper) who will stand guard outside one person’s home at night to ensure nobody goes either in or out.
  • One Serial Killer entirely separate from the conspiracy of Beverly Hills. A threat to everyone, but also possibly a solution.
  • Three Members of High Society. (Wolves) Undercover saboteurs meant to protect and preserve the secrets of Beverly Hills at any cost. Their influence is great and dangerous. Two Citizens can be recruited into their circle once one of the original three has died.


1. Forget It, Jake

2. Banner Thief

3. Library Lass

4. Indeee

5. Subsaharan

6. Admirax

7. LindsayFunke

8. Captain Video

9. Zecko

10. HolsGG

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Twilight is at 7 PM PST/9 PM CST on Friday March 30.