Steven Universe season 5 episode 16 “Letters to Lars”

It’s been a very townie-focused week on Steven Universe, aside from Your Mother and Mine. In fact one could almost say that one of the main throughlines of this week the members of Sadie Killer and the Suspects (fka the Cool Kids) and their parents– first Rose, then Sadie and Barb (and Greg)– and while Sour Cream didn’t show up in Pool Hopping, we did see Vidalia for the first time in a while. Today’s episode mostly functions on an update on the status of almost all of Beach City (As well as Amethyst, Peridot, and Pearl’s only appearances of the week), but it wraps that theme up by focusing on Beach City’s two mayors– both the steps Nanefua and her brain trust (consisting of her granddaughters and the Crystal Gems) are taking to prepare for the next time Homeworld comes knocking, and the episode’s primary throughline: Bill Dewey’s attempt to find a new purpose in his life now that he’s no longer in charge of Beach City. Dewey is in nearly every scene and it’s a welcome opportunity for Joel Hodgson to through his awkward-funny weight around as he blithely interferes in everything from the Suspects’ band practice to Jamie, Mr. Smiley, Barb, Peridot, and Amethyst’s improv class (at which it seems Pearl loudly demands Steven be the subject of all their sketches on a regular basis.) Dewey finally manages to find a way to be useful in the end, by reopening the Big Donut as its sole employee. He even names a donut (pink, naturally) in tribute to Lars and brings it to the Barriga household, presumably as a way of making amends for their fight during the recent election. The whole episode takes the form of the titular letter, read aloud (to Lars’s great annoyance) by Steven, a charming gimmick that provides the episode’s best joke.

Stray Observations:

  • Line of the episode: “You realize I don’t know who half of these people are, right? Like who the heck is Peridot?” “Someone who misses you every day. I think.” Between that and “I’m the one who told the government!” I think it’s fair to say that Steven is this episode’s MVP for comedy.
  • “This is light. Being rich has made you soft!” Garnet: Master of Comedy.
  • Ronaldo is still the worst.
  • It’s great seeing the gems integrate themselves more and more into Beach City.
  • Peedee’s graduated from slinging fries on the boardwalk! …By selling Tater Tots from a food truck parked next to the fry stand. And he still has to go back when Steven wants the bits.
  • Amethyst still looks super cute in a ponytail

LibraryLass is Shipper Trash Notes:

  • Pearl totally got that so she could call Mystery Girl, right? We better get to see them go on a date.

See you all in a few weeks when “Reunited” airs! Who could be reuniting?