Ash vs. Evil Dead S3, E4, Unfinished Business

Son… You’re gonna be a great father.

You really mean that?


Look, a gal can admit when she’s wrong. As we learn in this episode, Dalton was up front about everything. So up front, in fact, that when Ruby catches up with him in the forest, un-Deadites him, tortures him for information and then says she’ll just let him turn so he’ll tell her all she needs to know, he blows his head off. Still didn’t like the guy though. And despite Pablo’s current condition, I’m not 100% convinced he’s the one who impaled Dalton, just based on him driving the truck as a normal person at the end of the last episode and yelling “Nobody fucks with the Ghost Beaters!”

Regarding Pablo: he has gone Deadite, and after a quick reunion between Brandy and Kelly at Ash’s, he drives a crotch rocket through the windshield of the truck Kelly was driving. Pablo bites Kelly’s leg, but they manage to escape to the inside of Ash’s old Airstream trailer and lock themselves inside. Kelly explains to Brandy that she doesn’t want to kill Pablo, she wants to help him. She also tries to bring her up to speed a bit on everything that’s going on, that her father may be a dumbass but he isn’t some crazed maniac murderer, and she takes her turn trying to explain to her that her beloved Ms. Previtt is evil incarnate. But that leg wound is really, really bothering her, and they start hearing Pablo inside of the trailer. And he is in the trailer. Kind of. His face is on Kelly’s leg wound, taunting her.Pablo leg

Brock’s ghost emerges while Ash is trying to clean up the remains of the Ruby-resurrected version of his dad that he butchered. And it’s the real deal this time; he lays it out to Ash that something disturbed his grave and pulled him back. He reminds Ash of the night he died, where he had something to tell him before the possessed Delta ran him over. So he takes Ash on a trip down memory lane. Well, Brock’s memory lane. Some guy showed up at Brock’s old hardware store saying he was a member of the Knights of Sumeria, and told him that Ash was in grave danger in a battle between good and evil. He had pages torn from the Necronomicon, and that those pages hold the key to defeating The Dark One, aka Sasquatch, aka Ruby, and Ash is key in all of this, so he needs to find him stat. Brock didn’t buy it and wanted him to leave, and when he wouldn’t, he did the rational thing: he kicked him down the stairs into the cellar (this place has a cellar?) and nailed the door shut when it looked like he killed him. Oh, and then he abandoned the business because sales were shit anyway.

Only the fall didn’t kill him. He ate a shit ton of Spam that was down in the cellar, painted a bunch of stuff on the wall that he seemed to have figured out from the torn pages of the Necronomicon, and then, uh, died. Ash finds the missing pages, but also notices something weird in the drawings on the wall, including a vision of Rachel, Brandy’s dead punk friend. And then some tentacles come out of the wall and snatch Ash, which he battles and defeats. But that weird writing he worked out? It’s a damn portal to the netherworld. And Ruby wants to find it.

When Ash says to his dad that he needs to track down this “so-called Miss Previtt”, Brock says he used to go bowling with a cutie by that name who has a place down on Old Mill Road. Ash deduces she may be staying out there since she’s using the old lady’s name, so he ventures out there. And while Ruby’s not there (she’s with Dalton in the woods) he hears that poor hitchhiker singing. So he follows her voice upstairs and she’s chained to a sink, and trying to keep Ruby’s demon baby calm. Ash tries his damnedest to release her quietly, but the hand Pablo made him has been malfunctioning, and he makes too much noise while lifting the sink from the plumbing. So the baby, who had been sucking someone else’s thumb, gets up and does a huge, sharp toothed demon scream. Oh shit.