“The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets” Bob’s Burgers S8 E10

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 10
The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets
Grade: B

An enjoyable bout of Teddy slowly unknowingly wearing away at Bob’s last nerve, a little filler, and a strong sub-plot make for a decent, if largely joke-sparce, Bob’s Burgers.

Teddy’s passive aggressive escalation and Bob’s desperate attempt to rein in his desire to throw Teddy out of the restaurant is always a good time. And Teddy’s nonchalance at loaning the kids power tools was an excellent character beat. But some of the kid’s searching for the lost pottery room was filler, albeit fun filler.

Half a letter grade docked for no ‘they’re digging in the wrong place!’ reference.

Hard Drive Erasing

‘Captain Under Ants’
Pest Control

The Sous-Vide and the Banshees Burger
The Full Head of Heirloom Tomato Buger
The What’s Kala-Mata You Burger
The We Bought a Zucchini Burger

Random Observations:
• “The worst part of of being a kid- besides being scared the drain in the bathtub will eat your penis!”
• “Ok, your conscience needs to take a breather.”
“And your breath needs to have a conscience.”