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The Thursday Politics Thread Makes It 2008 All Over Again

Sorry for the late post, busy at work.

The US Senate has rolled back banking rules set in place after the 2008 financial crisis. Why anyone, particularly a certain subset of Democratic senators voted for this, is beyond me. I mean, greed. Yes, of course. But still. Republicans were blamed for 08 meltdown, they lost the election, they’ll get blamed for the next meltdown, and they’ll lose in the November election (as long as you lovely people show up to the polls to vote them out!) Yet there are some Democrats think they can get away with doing some solids for Wall St. during all of this and that’s pretty infuriating.

Ugh, eyes on the prize, remus, eyes on the prize.


Meanwhile, in Austin TX someone has been mailing bombs which has killed 2 friends or relatives of prominent black activists. This should probably be a bigger story but it isn’t. Police haven’t ruled out terrorism, but suspect racial motivations.


Welcome to Thursday everyone! Mayor McSquirrel rule is in effect. Please be excellent to eachother.