The Thursday Politics Thread Has A Beer In The Seychelles

Morning politocadoes!

“Infrastructure Week” continues unabated. In fact, I expect “Infrastructure Week” to continue into next week and the week after, as more scandals, firings, and indictments drop.

As we all know, it’s completely normal to set up secret back-channels with foreign powers prior to the inauguration of a new president. It’s why you send our country’s own Dolorous Umbrage, Betsy Devos’ brother, Erik Prince, to speak on the administration’s behalf in an unofficial manner. Yes, it seems Erik Prince lied like his pants were on fire to congress.According to cooperating witness, George Nade, Prince met with Putin ally Kirill Dmitriev to discuss future relations between the countries and other more sensitive matters, likely concerning Iran, Syria, and US sanctions against Russia. Prince declined to comment on the new reporting, but it should be noted that he’s known Nader for years, having had him try to drum up business for the new Iraqi government following the US invasion.

Mueller gathers evidence that 2017 Seychelles meeting was effort to establish back channel to Kremlin

Meanwhile! President Very Stable Genius may or may not have indulged in some light witness tampering. Against the counsel of his lawyers, Trump has called both Don McGahn and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus concerning their interviews with Mueller, asking whether they were “nice” to him at one point. While not technically tampering, the incidents were worrying enough that Mueller was alerted to the activities. Most sane, rational people involved in legal disputes avoid talking to witnesses to avoid the sense of undue pressure or coercion, but not Trump!

Perhaps more worrying about this incident, is that Trump apparently did not remember telling McGahn to get rid of Mueller. McGahn had to remind him that Trump wanted McGahn to tell Rosenstein that Muller’s conflicts of interest made him ineligible to lead the probe and should be dismissed. Trump’s reply? ‘I don’t remember it that way.’

Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel

Ugh, alright enough of him. Let’s talk about shit that’s getting done. The Florida House passed a gun control bill. The bill passed the State Senate on Monday and now heads to Governor Rick ‘Voldemort’ Scott’s desk. While falling short of demands, the bill raises the ages of purchase to 21, institutes a 3-day waiting period for gun purchases, funding for school police officers and mental health professionals. It, erm, also allows school districts to arm certain school personnel. But there is a ban on bump stocks in there!

The NRA obviously opposed any change to current legislation, so this is at least progress. The first gun bill to pass in Florida in years. Whether any of these measures will actually do anything remains to be seen. My hope is that lawmakers don’t start patting themselves on the back and going back to business as usual.

Florida House Passes Gun Control Bill, Defying N.R.A.

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