Werewolf 55 – Close the Loop (Sign-ups)

It is the year 2095. Time travel is now legal. Gangs no longer need to send their victims into the past; murders can now be enacted in real time. Loopers find themselves out on the street with nothing to show for it but a bag of gold that will run out way too fast, an incurable drug dependency, and an empty life that comes with being a mercenary.

They realize how completely they’ve wasted their lives, but it’s too late. They are old and grey and irrelevant.

Or not? Time travel exists, after all.


It is the year 2060. The Rainmaker is dead. Or rather, he seems to have disappeared into thin air. His plans, his cruelty, all that death — slipping away like the last details of a dream as one emerges fully into consciousness.

The murderers-for-hire celebrate. They have been granted a new lease in life. Little do they realize that one boy’s vengeance is a small enemy compared to an old man who wakes up one day to find a life’s worth of regret weighing him down.


It is the year 2095. Ten Loopers travel back 35 years into the past.

it is the year 2060. Loopers find themselves getting killed again, though for the life of them they can’t remember why they were being murdered in the first place.

Five Loopers from the future are prepared to destroy the whole system even if they are destroyed along with it. The other five intend to stop them from ending their existence with the help of their younger counterparts.


Death is better than regret.

It’s time to close all the loops.




  • 10 pairs of Year 2060 and Year 2095 Loopers (2095 Loopers are the older versions of the 2060 counterparts)
  • 5 Wolves (all Year 2095 Loopers) – REBELS
  • 15 Town (10 Year 2060 Loopers, 5 Year 2095 Loopers) – CRIME SYNDICATE


  • 13 Crime Syndicate Loopers, mix of Year 2060 and 2095 (Vanilla Town)
  • 1 Crime Syndicate Gat Man (Town Detective) – Can identify the partner of target; will not know which of the pair is the younger/older counterpart. Will be replaced if dead within first two nights; results are given to successor. Can be from the Year 2060 or 2095.
  • 1 Crime Syndicate TK Expert (Town Jailkeeper) – Protects target and blocks target’s role. Cannot have the same target on successive nights. They can protect themselves. Can be from the Year 2060 or 2095.
  • 4 (Year 2095) Rebel Loopers (Vanilla Wolves)
  • 1 (Year 2095) Rebel Gat Man (Wolf Detective) – Can identify if the target is the younger/older counterpart; will not know the target’s partner. Will be replaced if dead within first two nights; results are given to successor.


  • All the wolves have a one-shot protective power. They can protect themselves or others. If a wolf protects a specific target, another wolf can protect the same target the next night. If they’re blocked, their power will be considered used. Any number of wolves can use their power per night. This is a Night Action.
  • All the younger (2060) counterparts have the ability to kill themselves during the night in an attempt to take their older (2095) counterparts down with them. Only one suicide per night; can only attempt it every other night. If more than one player decides to kill themselves per night, RNG will choose which of them is lucky enough to die.
  • At the beginning of the game, people will know if they are the older (2095) or younger (2060) counterpart. They will not know who their partners are.
  • The death of a younger counterpart will cause their older counterpart to cease to exist unless the latter is protected. Don’t think too hard about the logic of it.
  • The wolves will share a QT.


  1. Capt.LindsayFunke
  2. Grumproro
  3. lutair
  4. Flubbas Get Stubbas
  5. Smapti Jones
  6. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  7. Colonel Mustard
  8. Owen1120
  9. Zecko
  10. El Marinero
  11. forget_it_jake
  12. Subsaharan
  14. RobertPostsChild
  15. spookyfriend
  16. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
  17. Terrible Renegade LibraryLass
  18. Lord Pulprobottington the VI
  19. Spiny Creature
  20. Mirage


  1. Admirax
  2. MacCrocodile

There’s no need to know anything about Looper but the basic premise to play the game. Let me know if you need a short explanation. The mechanics are a little complicated this time around, so take that into consideration when you sign up. The game will start tomorrow if sign-ups fill up by then! Also, let me know if the game doesn’t seem balanced. I tried my best, but I might have missed something.