Sunday Food Thread 3/4 Show Me Your Pancakes!

I don’t often think about what my favorite food might be, and frankly my answer is likely to be different almost every time that question is asked. However there’s one item that I’m always ready willing and able to clean my plate for and that’s pancakes. I far prefer homemade to restaurant ‘cakes as there are few that make them the way I like them, I think it’s because they end up leaving the batter standing for too long. I like them tender but with a good “bite” and a medium rise, too tall and the middle won’t cook. I get very sad when a pancake disintegrates on contact with syrup (my experience at a lot of restaurants) so they need some body to hold up. Speaking of syrup, only pure maple will do, no matter if it’s grade A or B. I do like other things but really can’t abide by artificial syrup, maybe that’s another strike against restaurant ‘cakes, it’s the rare place that has real maple syrup. Other toppings may include jam, preserves, compote, or just plain fresh fruit.

There are so many varieties, all with their own merit, but I always end up back with the good old buttermilk recipe (slightly adapted from Cooks Illustrated, July 2009). Corn cakes, buckwheat, blini, crepes (that’s a thread on its own), I’ll eat ’em all and ask for more!

And as always, what’s cooking?