AvocaD&D–The Adventure Continues

In an effort to not have to write as much as I did last time, I’m bringing you another recap of our latest D&D adventure.  Our group (DM’d by The Hayes Code, and including Nope, Doctor Nick, Sangamonster, and token non-Avocado Smilla, as well as myself) has played twice since my last update.  When we last left off, the party had just defeated and captured an evil wizard by the name of Lord Albrek Iarno, and our own wizard Andraste Moonfellow (an Elf) took possession of his magical glass staff.

Guyryn the Clever (Dwarven Fighter) used the keys he’d picked up to release Iarno’s prisoners and then made a quick detour to the previously locked armory.  We didn’t find much of use there, though Colfax Pitface, the crossbow-wielding Gnome Bard, was able to load up on as many crossbow bolts as he could carry, and we each grabbed a spare Redbrand uniform. With Andraste and Smilla (the Dwarf Cleric) being nearly tapped out of spells, the group decided to haul Iarno back to town and get some much-needed rest.  This also gave Andraste a chance to work out the enchantment on his new staff, which turned out to be a Staff of Defense, giving him +1 to armor class and containing some charges of a couple of defensive spells.

Fully rested, and having secured Iarno in the town’s holding cells, the party returned to the dungeon, to make sure the last of the Redbrands were rooted out.  The first group of guards we found had all clearly had a bit too much ale the night before.  Tashi and Andraste decided to attempt a bit of trickery.  We all put on our confiscated red cloaks, and Andraste attempted to imitate the evil wizard in an effort to fool the guards.  Guyryn was skeptical–and with good reason, as the guards so the ruse quickly and battle ensued.

Luckily this particular group was still a bit under the weather, because let’s just say our party didn’t really acquit themselves to the best of their abilities.  But we persevered and succeeded in killing the 4 guards, which earned us enough EXP to reach Level 3!


Continuing on our search, we next encountered 3 bugbears tormenting a goblin.  Knowing the goblin could perhaps lead us to the stronghold where our captive friend had been taken, we attempted our ruse again.  The bugbears, being somewhat less intelligent than the average bear, were easily fooled into giving up the goblin.  Guyryn quietly locked the bugbears into their barrack on the way out.  The goblin himself, Droop by name, was vaguely helpful and we let him run off to find his friends in the hopes of tracking after him to their hideout.  Unfortunately we lost his trail pretty quickly, but decided to go back and kill those bugbears for good measure.


Back in the dungeon, Guyryn opened the door to allow Colfax to get a few vicious taunts off, luring the bugbears to chase after him.  As ran, he dropped some ball bearings on the floor hoping to trip up his pursuers.  The 3 brutes managed to avoid that trap, but Guyryn was waiting for them.  As the last bugbear exited the room to chase after Colfax, Guyryn swung his maul and caught the big oaf off guard.  We had the buggers pinned down between Andraste and Guyryn on one side, and Tashi, Smilla, and Colfax on the other.  While 2 bugbears battled with Tashi and Smilla, the third traded blows with Guyryn.  Guyryn was able to put his newly learned level 3 skills to good use, though, and took out his attacker with a couple of well-placed ripostes and a very welcome Blessing from the cleric.

Meanwhile Tashi was putting the beatdown on one of the bugbears, knocking him prone.  Guyryn took advantage of the situation, striking a critical blow with his maul that splattered the prone bugbear’s head all over the walls.  The last one proved to be a challenge, shrugging off blows from Tashi, and making Smilla miss so badly she fell prone herself.  Knowing he had to make his blow count or let Smilla be manhandled by the beast, Guyryn feinted to give himself and advantage and then walloped the ugly bugger so hard he crumpled like yesterday’s newspaper.

The day won and the dungeon cleared, we made our way back to town for a well-deserved rest and some re-stocking before the next stage in our journey.

Am I gloating a little for managing to and the killing blow on all 3 bugbears?  Maybe.  But I know I couldn’t have done it without help from everyone in the party.  We’re all having a blast!  Thanks for reading!  Feel free to use this page to talk about your own on-going games, try to set up a new one, or just geek-out about whatever RPG stuff you want.