The Thursday Politics Thread Has A Higher Security Clearance Than Jared


Yesterday was utterly bananas for Trumpworld, and there’s really no sign of that stopping. In addition to learning that Jared’s security clearance has been busted down to lower than the White House Calligrapher, we’ve had Hope Hicks depart, renewed efforts on Trump’s part to push Jeffuhson “Mr. Magoo” Sessions from his post as Attorney General, the Mueller investigation is now circling Trump’s personal actions during the campaign and cover-up for Junior’s actions, and all the while the gun rights advocates were having a minor meltdown because the President said he would <em>literally take their guns away</em>/

And, upon learning of the egregious use of taxpayer money to redecorate America’s Sleepiest HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s office, Trey Gowdy has launched an ethics probe.

Not to worry, though, Trump’s fans are still loyal to him, for some reason. Why, they love him so much they blatantly forged a Nobel Prize nomination for him! Forgery and identity fraud’s a small price for MAGA, I guess?  Why would  even he want one of those? Eh, Probably because Obama has one.

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