RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3: Episode 6 Discussion Thread

Hey, kitty girls!

Last week was particularly exciting for Drag Race fans; not only did we get another episode of All Stars 3, the cast of Season 10 was revealed as well! The fourteen queens on Season 10 look to be one of the most exciting group of competitors in the show’s history, and I’m eager to see what happens when the season premieres on March 22nd.

Check out the Season 10 Meet the Queen videos here, as well as a great Facebook live interview conducted by Sasha Velour with the queens here. Both are highly recommended introductions to the season’s cast.

Tens across the board! 

Now, onto tonight’s episode of All Stars 3, which comes after the shocking twist at the end of episode 5 that several (or all?) of the queens eliminated thus far will be returning to the competition. In what capacity? We’ll have to find out.

As always, this thread is for discussing the show but not everyone is able to watch it at the same time, so please use discretion when discussing specific spoilery details of the episode (returning queens, the queens’ placements and performance in the challenges, etc.) Having everything spoiler tagged isn’t necessarily conducive to a proper discussion, so use your judgment. However, discussion of the Season 10 cast doesn’t need to be spoiler-tagged. In the words of Tatianna: Thank yew.