The Thursday Politics Thread Doesn’t Want A Military Parade

As our country drunkenly staggers toward authoritarianism under the unsteady gaze of o a witless Russian asset acting as President, it’s important to remember one of the key aspects of living in an autocracy: the crass pageantry. Yes, DonDon has it in his head again that we should parade our troops and missiles down Pennsylvania Ave not to honor the troop, but to make himself feel better. Indeed, even Shep Smith has a go at him on Fox News over it, suggesting maybe instead we get him ‘tiny little mini replicas’. Presumably for his tiny little hands.

Elsewhere in what remains of our American democratic experiment, Nancy Pelosi delivered a 8  hour speech in a bid to put a DACA vote on the floor. There are many, many parts of our government that are currently not working, but let it never be said that there aren’t people fighting.

Welcome to Thursday, everyone!

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