2017 Snubbies: The Winners

Sorry I’m so late in posting this; I’m in the final week in a prolonged move from an apartment to a house, so I had a late-night run to Home Depot, and then an article to file for some other, lesser web site.

But now I can finally announce the winners for the 2017 Snubbies! As always, vote totals and runner-up nominees can be seen in this Google Spreadsheet. And now, the Snubby goes to…

Best Snubbed Short Film
In a Heartbeat

Best Snubbed Documentary

Best Snubbed Score
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Willfisch, Blade Runner 2049

Best Snubbed Original Song
Childish Gambino, “Redbone,” Get Out

Best Snubbed Screenplay

Best Snubbed Visual Effects
Thor: Ragnarok

Best Snubbed Cinematography
Steve Yeldin, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Best Snubbed Animated Feature
The Lego Batman Movie

Best Cast
Get Out

Best Voicework
Taiki Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok

Best Stuntwork
Baby Driver

Best Snubbed Supporting Actor
Patrick Stewart, Logan

Best Snubbed Supporting Actress
Betty Gabriel, Get Out

Best Snubbed Actor
Hugh Jackman, Logan
(beating out Mark Hamill by one vote!)

Best Snubbed Actress
Anne Hathaway, Colossal

Best Snubbed Director
Denis Villenueve, Blade Runner 2049

Best Snubbed Picture
Blade Runner 2049

Thanks to everyone who voted, and to mods for making contemporary Snubbies a high-profile event on the site. We’ll return to exploring snubbed films of the past when we open the floor to nominations for the 1979 Snubbies next week!