True Pop Culture Confessions

We all have at least one. Somewhere in the back your mind, you know that there’s a major piece of pop culture you’ve never experienced, and it kind of bugs you. Maybe you’ve never had HBO, so haven’t seen The Sopranos or Game of Thrones. Or you don’t consider yourself a rock fan and haven’t listened to the Beatles. Or maybe you’re just proud of the fact that you’ve never (gasp) watched a second of any Star Wars movie or show. Regardless of what it is, when people start talking about it, you just kind of sit there and space out, because you have no idea what they’re talking about.

Well, here’s the space to confess to those pop culture “sins”. Feel free to share with us those iconic pieces of pop culture that you’ve either actively avoided or just never got around to watching. The only rule: NO SHAMING OTHERS. Just because you can’t believe that someone used to think Tyrion Lannister was a Jedi doesn’t give you the right to rip into them for it. As I mentioned above, we all have gaps in our knowledge, so those in glass houses shouldn’t take a dump near a window (or something).

Since it would by hypocritical of me to post this and not confess myself, I’ll kick things off:

(deep breath)

I have never seen the original Die Hard.


Yes, I’m shocked too, Hans. It’s not that I don’t love the genre or that I have anything against the movie or the actors (I’ve see Die Harder and Die Hard with a Vengeance, and have cracked numerous jokes about how all sequels should be required to just add “er” to the original title). Just for some reason I never got around to this one. It’s also not like I haven’t had ample opportunity. My brother watches it every year at Christmas. I just never joined him because we typically were watching more traditional Christmas movies.

It’s something I’ve thought about rectifying dozens of times over the years, but it’s always taken a back seat to something newer and shinier (thanks, MCU!). And now that I have a kid who repeats everything he hears (as my whole family found out at Christmas Eve dinner), this is probably not a good movie to watch in the house at the moment. Some day, probably when I’m on the road and it’s on Netflix, I’ll sit down to watch it. But I’ve said that before.