The Book Nook Weekly Discussion

Welcome to the Book Nook! This is the weekly thread for Avocados to discuss books we’re currently reading, recommendations, genre, and serious literary criticism.

This week’s recommended discussion: Do you read multiple books at once? I used to read several books at the same time, and I delighted in the connections I could make between unrelated fiction and non-fiction works. Now that it’s not necessary to juggle multiple classes (and assigned texts), I’m out of practice.
h/t Colonel Mustard

One caveat: because we’re here to use our words, this is a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone (the OTs are full of clutter, and I want to keep that out of this thread).

upcoming topics:
1/17: this book is killing me
1/24: the unreliable narrator
1/31: overstuffed narrative
2/7: what makes a good biography
2/14: 100 posts! Arbitrary goals/milestones OR love and romance.