Sports Corner – January 10

Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide on their latest college football title, the fifth with Nick Saban and, at least according to one accounting, their 17th overall.  Saban is now just one behind Bear Bryant for most titles at ‘Bama (and tied with Bear for most titles overall).  It’s hard to know how to classify a “dynasty” when the only constant is the coach (to the degree that Saban swapped QBs after halftime, something you would never see in a Super Bowl), but it’s fair to say that ‘Bama is a dynasty.

It’s fair to say we live in an age of near-dynasties now, with the Patriots, the Penguins, and the Warriors staking claims to enduring excellence as well.  Thank goodness for the unpredictability of baseball, where no team has repeated since 2000 (and I need to be persuaded that the Giants counted as a mini-dynasty); and college basketball, where a handful of teams are always great but no one team is dominant (even if North Carolina and Kentucky and Duke and Villanova and UConn think they are).

Subjects for today include:

  • Controversy in Foxboro, real and imagined
  • Bad refs, bad refs, whatcha gonna do?
  • Cavs in freefall?
  • Is the death of free agency actually owner collusion?
  • Australian Open coming, but without a lot of stars
  • Blake Bortles!

As ever, all topics are welcome.