This Wednesday Political Post is Bizarro World

I was trying to pick a morning lead story but they are all SO batshit…here’s a roundup

1. Tucker Carlson finally turns on Trump hopefully this leads to his disgrace, stepping down from Fox and being forced to eat nothing but Swanson dinners

2. 50% of Americans think Trump will be exonerated in 2018. Spoiler: He won’t be.

3. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch is making 1000 Times more than Michelle Williams in their new movie. Yes, this is sexist but it’s also f*cking dumb. They could have gotten Mark much cheaper.

4. The epitome of a bad hire calls out Bannon as a bad hire. Mooch: Bannon lasted more than two weeks and he did not abandon his wife Bourbon to take the position.

5. Fire and Fury publisher responds to cease and desist…actually the response was receiving it and still dropping the book but PR!

6. Ivanka listened to Oprah’s speech didn’t know it was about her father and tweeted support…well Bannon called her dumb as a pile of bricks…

Oh a judge blocked DACA rollback so be cautiously excited!!!

Welcome to Wednesday!!!